Pain Points

We strive to improve your company profits by assessing pre-determined specific pain points and implementing strategies to combat their effects on a company’s bottom line. Click a tab below to learn more about the pain points that commonly impact the following industries:


  • Fatigued and not alert, too many accidents/near misses resulting in high employer insurance premiums and payouts for lawsuits stemming from accidents, etc.
  • Too much caffeine/sugar used to trick the body into being awake which may increase cholesterol, pulse, and blood pressure which may lead to increased medical expenses for employers.
  • Lack of quality sleep from too many external stimulants which may impair driver performance the following day, and the day after, and so on.
  • How do drivers “reset” their bodies into a calm focused state after an adrenaline rush (blood pressure) from a near-miss, and how might that affect employer insurance premiums? Does your company have someone driving around in a heightened adrenaline-infused state?


  • Green cleaning is great for PR! No harsh chemicals can be a fantastic marketing tool. Set yourself apart from the competition by showing how much you care about both employees and guests.
  • Housekeeping staff take lots of sick days due to inhaling chemicals all day — increased medical premiums due to chronic headaches, etc. from exposure to chemicals.
  • Mold and mildew control can be a pain point at coastal hotels due to proximity to water — oils can be used in each room not only as a value-added guest experience item but also revenue generating for the hotel. People are accustomed to paying for $5 bottled water and other mini bar type items, but it is also cleansing the air which means the guests are essentially paying to keep your air free of germs, mold, mildews, etc. Essential oils can also be hooked into the central air system to prevent growth of germs and other mold and mildew during use, which may then decrease the need for duct cleaning.

Office Buildings

  • Same cleansed air benefits as hotels regarding air ducts.
  • Certain oils have been proven to reduce keyboard errors by over 50% when used properly.
  • Properly implemented oils can help stimulate production, focus thought patterns, and provide for an afternoon natural pick-up so that people don’t remain too awake (work mode all hyped-up) once they leave their work so that they’re able to be more present for their families.
  • High traffic businesses have tons of germs that are left in the air after the clients leave. The surfaces get cleaned but when is the last time the air inside of buildings was cleaned? When you wash your hands you are washing away germs. Who’s washing your air? InScentive is!

Business Travelers

  • Constantly barraged with “different” airborne germs, allergens, and environmental toxins when transitioning from location to location.
  • Airplanes, buses, trains, office buildings, etc. all have enclosed shared air spaces. How often do you think that air gets refreshed and deodorized? What is lingering in the air ducts and ventilation system that is blowing out onto your employees? Mold/mildew? What health effects result and what does that do to medical payouts?
  • We all know to wash our hands often throughout the day. Why? We can’t see what is on our hands but we know germs can exist there. Can you see what is in the air? Our hands and surfaces may be squeaky clean but what about that direct flight that the air we breathe takes right into our bodies?