Essential Oils for Realtors and Property Managers

Positively influence buyer/seller mindset from the very first time they step into your office.

Have you considered your clients’ sense of smell when staging homes and other spaces for open houses and walkthroughs?

Our sense of smell is the only one directly connected to our brain’s limbic system, which is responsible for several important functions including emotion, behavior, motivation and formation/recollection of memories. Studies have also shown that ambient scent has the strongest impact when it comes to favorably enhancing consumer behavior1,2.

Realtors and property management companies can also eliminate smelly situations by utilizing clean and non-toxic essential oils, resulting in faster home sales and leasing, repeat business and steady referral streams.

Essential Oils can get rid of undesirable odors such as:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Animals
  • Foods
  • Smoke
  • “Vog” and other pollutants

Utilize Essential Oils for Health Benefits and Added Value

Repeated studies have proven that microbes, allergens, and other toxins exist in our air that can greatly impact our overall health upon their entrance into our bodies. These impacts can be somewhat reduced by frequent hand washing and surface cleaning. What about breathing through your nose and the effects of those pollutants going directly into your lungs?

We live on a beautiful tropical island but unfortunately that comes with an enormous amount of travelers that leave their germs to thrive in our humid climate long after they depart. That combined with the abundance of mold/mildew spores and “vog” — air pollution that results when gases and particles emitted by an erupting volcano react with oxygen and moisture — makes for severely impure air quality.

How quickly have you noticed illnesses spreading through our community? Is there a way to diminish those polluting factors in a way that benefits your business?

At InScentive, we utilize natural and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils as yet another line of defense in the prevention of airborne toxins. I work with many different companies to improve worker efficiency, working conditions, and increase profitability by lowering operating costs.

In working with Property Management companies, we are able to lower operating costs by tackling these common Hawaiian Island specific issues:

  • cleanse the air in between guest stays (during cleanings)
  • reduce cleaning needs (air ducts, pest repellents, mold/mildew reduction, laundering costs)
  • help generate more business by marketing “cleansed air” accommodations
  • offer diffusers and oils for optional guest use (as an additional revenue builder and value-add)

These are just a sampling of the ways essential oils can benefit both your business profitability and your guests’ experiences. My mission is to keep Hawai’i tourism at peak levels while providing you with a steady referral stream year after year due to going the extra mile to provide your guests with the gift of well-cleansed air.

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