Design Your Own Corporate Signature Scent

Certain companies and job sites are associated with specific scents that may immediately invoke company recognition. What businesses do you walk into and expect certain scents to engulf you? Which businesses do you associated with pleasant scents and which ones with unpleasant scents?

What scent do you want associated with your company? What scent is already associated with you company, or is there not one? Round out all five of your customers’ senses to create a lasting impression!

Think about these well known Business-Scent associations:

  • McDonald’s – French Fries
  • Starbucks – Coffee
  • Lumber Yard – Sawdust
  • Gas Station – Gasoline
  • Hospitals/Doctor Office – Sterile
  • Fish Market – Fishy
  • Bakery – Sweet Pastries
  • Zoo – Animals, Hay, etc.
  • Carnivals – Funnel Cakes and Cotton Candy

All of these scents add to the experience of each business. Can you imagine going to any of the above listed places and inhaling zero scent? How would that alter your experience?

Let InScentive help you create the perfect blend.

Does your company have its own unique scent? If it does, what are its components and are they working for—or against—your workforce and customers?

Would you like to help in the design of a signature scent that:

  • Cleanses the air and smells good;
  • Aids in your company’s profitability;
  • Addresses your specific pain points;
  • Contains no fillers;
  • Contains only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils?

Designer scent items make great incentives and corporate gifts too. Simply fill out the inquiry form for a free scent consultation.

Designer Scent Inquiry

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