About InScentive

InScentive is the nation’s premier full-service solution for both employees and employers seeking to achieve a greater level of productivity through the use of properly implemented essential oils throughout the workplace. We strive to improve your company profits by assessing pre-determined specific points and implementing strategies to combat their effects on a company’s bottom line. Our goal is to access dormant energy stores in each worker and transform that energy into increased company profits, along with heightened employee morale.

How did InScentive get its start?

One afternoon as I was waiting for a left turn green arrow, I noticed a large truck barreling towards me. My light changed to green, but because I was alert and focused, I did not begin my turn. I watched in dismay as the trucker ran through the light. He would have killed both me and my two young children had I not been paying attention.

As the trucker passed me I noticed his head was tilted upwards with slumped shoulders and gaping open mouth looking half asleep. He never noticed the light had changed. He had no clue what damage he could have just done and how it could have impacted my entire family’s life, not to mention his own, and the company for which he was driving.

After the shock wore off and I regained my composure I drove home, very thankful for my diligence but concerned about the other drivers on the road. That next morning I had an epiphany by realizing the truck driving industry’s biggest pain point—accidents caused by truck driver error and/or fatigue. I began to wonder how I could help keep all drivers safe while on the road.

Why had I been alert, focused, and aware of all the drivers around me?

What was helping me remain in that heightened state of awareness? It was not just good luck… I had been using a car diffuser spreading an invigorating blend of Peppermint and Lemon essential oils throughout the interior of my car. It occurred to me that people who drive for a living need to be ALWAYS alert and awake.

What might they utilize to stay in that alert zone? Caffeine? Red Bull? Sugar? Then how does pumping those external stimulants into their bodies day after day impact their driving ability? How many near misses occur each day and what does that do to their employer’s insurance premiums and payouts?

What if all of the truck drivers and people who drive for a living also had a car or truck diffuser that placed invigorating scents into the cabins and reduced the need for those external stimulants? Those diffusers would affect their ability to calm down after their shift so that they can get a good nights’ sleep before starting all over the next day. What would the decrease in unhealthy external stimulants have on their overall health such as heart rates, blood pressure, etc.?

Anna White, InScentive

Anna White

President/Chief Productivity Strategist

Tracking all of the metrics clearly shows multiple benefits towards employee overall health and employer premium decreases due to less accidents. I then decided to test out other closed spaces and points across various industries, including common areas in hotels, medical facilities, and office workers’ cubicles. I found similar results in all these spaces.

The quality and components of the air we breathe has an almost immediate impact on how well our bodies operate, due to our limbic system and its direct effect on our emotions and bodily systems. Just think how you feel when you walk past a bakery or a steakhouse, etc. and the feelings that certain smells invoke, either pleasant or unpleasant. We are inundated with scent throughout our days, so why not use scent to our advantage to help us achieve greater productivity?

I have carefully selected the highest quality oils and accessories available and I use only those that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® so that you can be sure you are getting no fillers or chemically diluted blends.