InScentive is the nation’s premier full-service solution for both employees and employers seeking to achieve a greater level of productivity through the use of properly implemented essential oils throughout the workplace. We strive to improve your company profits by assessing pre-determined specific points and implementing strategies to combat their effects on a company’s bottom line.

Scent does matter and it affects many areas of our daily lives.

Typically our brains can acclimate to scent in under one minute. This means that even though we can no longer detect a scent, the scent is still alive and working for us in either a positive or negative way.

InScentive’s goal is to continuously expose both a company’s employees and patrons to only the highest quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils available today so that scent is positively working to keep our brain chemistry working for us and with us, not against us. Different oils have been researched and studied extensively and InScentive uses the results of these independent studies to create, implement, and track results so that you, and your employees, are utilizing all five of our great senses to create a more streamlined and efficient workplace. Learn more »